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Beech Hardwood For Pizza Ovens

Best Wood For Pizza Ovens

Beech wood is highly recommended for pizza ovens due to its burning qualities. Wood provides a clean and efficient burn, maintaining the ideal and constant temperature. Furthermore, beech has a high calorific value, which ensures that the oven heats up quickly and maintains the temperature for longer. Another advantage is that beech produces little smoke and ash, which makes the oven easier to maintain and clean. These characteristics make beech wood a perfect choice for any pizza oven.”

Beech Qualities for Pizza Ovens

Beech wood is widely used, especially for use in wood-fired pizza ovens, due to its exceptional properties. Discover some!

Heat Value

Beech has a high calorific value. This intense heat ensures that the pizzas are cooked quickly and evenly combining efficiency and practicality in the final result.

wood-fired pizza oven.

Clean Burning

One of the main advantages is clean burning. This means less soot and residue in the oven, which makes maintenance and cleaning easier.

wood-fired pizza oven

Long-lasting Burn

Beech ignites quickly and also maintains the flames for longer, this is ideal for restaurants and pizzerias that need to keep the oven heated continuously

beech burn


During burning, beech releases a mild aroma that can subtly enhance the flavor of pizzas, subtly enriching the flavor without dominating the ingredients’ natural flavors.


Product Sizes and Packaging Options

We understand that each customer has their own needs and that is why we offer some log size options and packaging options. Bags or crates are ideal for keeping firewood dry and ready for burning.
We have 25cm or 30cm logs packed in 80cmx80cmx80cm or 85cmx85cmx85cm bags. We also have options in 1.2m³ or 1.8m³ crates. You can check prices by clicking the button below

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Delivery Info

We deliver to all areas of Kildare and Dublin, as well as parts of Wicklow and Carlow that are close to our base in Kilcullen. Our Personalised delivery service sets us apart from competitors who use pallet networks for kerbside delivery. Our Mercedes Sprinter Luton body van is equipped with a tail lift, electric pallet truck, and sack trolley to ensure your logs are delivered right where you need them some restrictions apply for example pallet truck won’t run on grass or gravel and we can’t lift over walls.

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