Hardwood logs from Kildare logs

Hardwood logs for sale from Kildare logs are seasoned for over a year to provide our customers with some of the best high energy long lasting firewood for sale on the market. Kildare logs have Hardwood logs for sale such as Ash, Oak and Beech amongst others. Hardwood like Oak are very dense giving each log high heat output that also last longer than other hardwood’s but gives less flame. A great option is Beech its very dense but still gives you a bright red flame.


Hardwood for stoves and open fires

Hardwood firewood from us is perfect for both open fires and stoves. When burning firewood from us in your stove you will notice the windows of your stoves staying cleaner for longer. Ash Hardwood is perfect for open fires as they don’t spark as they burn and last longer in your fireplace. Our entire ready to burn hardwood is seasoned to 20% giving you that perfect high heat and long burning firewood. If you wish to try lower percentage firewood you can try kiln dried logs that typically are around 15% kiln dried hardwood can be bought locally at (Naasfirewood.ie kiln dried hardwood logs Kildare) or nationally at (Dublinlogs.ie kiln dried hardwood logs Ireland

Unseasoned firewood  

At request you can also buy unseasoned/partially seasoned firewood to finish seasoning yourself. The advantage of this option is we will give you a discount on our normal prices. We don’t hold any responsibility for the seasoning of wood after you buy it. You should store it in the dry up off the ground and in a well ventilated building.

Buy seasoned hardwood firewood logs online now

We offer an easy online experience for buying all your firewood fuel and other products quick and easy by a click of a mouse or tap of a screen. Then the product is dropped to your door hassle free.
You can find our 100% Irish hardwood firewood for sale below ↓

Irish firewood

We chose to keep what we sell hundred present Irish for three main reasons:

  1. Irish wood is more eco-friendly to customers in Ireland as transport distance is limited. Much of the firewood imported comes from Eastern Europe in creates of kiln dried stacked wood which is expensive due to its transporting cost and not its quality.
  2. Wood produced and processed here in Ireland have many Irish jobs connected to it from:
  • Growing and maintaining the forestry.
  • Cutting and processing
  • Delivering and selling
  1. Imported wood runs the risk of bringing in disease which could decimate our indigenous forests. Much of the imported wood that is used for firewood comes in kiln dried which is fine in most cases but all it takes is one batch that hasn’t killed all diseases and insects.  

Firewood Delivery

Delivery for our hardwood and all other products is based on location and if you want the wood delivered to you on the weekend or weekday it varies from being free to 15€ depending on your proximity to Kilcullen Co Kildare. Local is free and the likes of parts of Dublin 15€ for a rough idea. You can calculate exactly what it will be when you add your delivery address to our delivery calculator. The delivery calculator will be shown whenever you are in your cart on this website.