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Firewood for sale from Kildare logs are ideal for stoves. They are sold in a variety of ways giving a better price the larger amount you get in a given order. See our shop page for netted bags, bulk bags, tonne bags and pallet loads (Crates).
We sell both types of wood Hardwood and softwood.

Softwood as Firewood

Softwood is a good source of firewood with high heat when properly seasoned. It has a slightly higher heat output tonne for tonne than hardwood and this is due to its resin content. Softwood though is much lighter and you need more to get the same energy as hardwood. The resin though can have a negative side effect and that is in some cases it may spark. Therefore it is advised to use softwood in a stove or with a fire guard.

Softwood logs for sale from Kildare logs are seasoned for a long duration of time. this results in a very low amount of sparks but we give no warranty. The reason for the reduction in sap are pockets of sap dissipating through the wood over time. Hence reducing the poping you get when the same heats up. If you’re looking for a non-sparking wood please take a look at our Hardwood logs and more specifically Ash hardwood.

Log for log softwood are lighter than hardwood so when buying it is important that you get a greater volume of wood for the same price. This and the fact that softwood is more plentiful is why we give a big discount for our softwood verses our hardwood on our site.

What is softwood?

It is wood from evergreen trees such as but not limited to: Sitka spruce, Norway spruce and larch.
You can buy our amazingly priced 100% Irish softwood for sale below in their categories.

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Softwood Logs Bulk Bag (.225 cubic meters)

(3 customer reviews)


  • Large bag of 25cm long softwood logs 


  • Seasoned to 20%


  • Instant high heat burning logs


  • Easy lighted, can be lit using just a firelighter
  • clean burning very low ash and soot  


Out of stock


Bulk bag of softwood is a large bag (.225 cubic meters) filled with our high quality softwood. The bag can be moved with a heavy duty hand trolley so we can leave it in a place that is convenient for you. The firewood logs themselves are very high quality with a long seasoning process we can guarantee a high heat and clean burn from the softwood we sell.

3 reviews for Softwood Logs Bulk Bag (.225 cubic meters)

  1. Aidan Murphy (verified owner)

    I would buy this product again from Kildarelogs.

  2. Aidan Murphy (verified owner)

    Reasonable value for high% dried out logs, would recommend.

  3. Shayne Odonoghue (verified owner)

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