Looking for logs for sale Kildare, well your in the right place! We provide a large choice of seasoned hardwood, softwood and kindling firewood for sale in Kildare.

Kildare logs quality firewood since 2014
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Kildare logs pride ourselves on high quality firewood that offers great value to our local customers. Furthermore for National delivery of kiln dried logs visit Dublinlogs.ie. In addition for local delivery of Kiln Dried Logs kildare visit NaasFirewood.ie


Logs for sale from Kildare logs are tested for moisture and only sold at optimum moisture levels. Therefore provides our customers with high heat long lasting firewood logs.  As a result they are ideal for your stoves or open fires. 


We pride ourselves on selling local produces to the local community. Based in Calverstown just off the M9 we are able to keep transport cost down and pass that saving on to the customer. For this reason we don’t facilitate pickups. However we deliver all our firewood orders straight to customer’s doors hassle free. 


Kildare logs have a strong commitment to the environment only buying trees from well-maintained forests. For example we actively encourage recycling of packaging by giving discounts to customers who return the bags to us on next delivery.


Softwood Firewood Kildare


We offer two types of firewood: Hardwood and softwood. Softwood and hardwood logs that are for sale are sold in netted bags, bulk bags, tonne bags and pallet loads. All firewood be it softwood or hardwood are tested with moisture meters and sold at levels of 20% apx.

Softwood heating value tonne for tonne compared to hardwood is actually greater due to its resin content. However softwood will burn faster and isnt for everybody. To find out more about this and all our pricing on softwood products by clicking on: Softwood Logs For Sale.


Hardwood Logs for Sale


Hardwood logs are the Premium logs when it comes to burning firewood. As a result this makes them a popular choice for both stoves and open fires. They are denser and therefore holds more energy in a smaller area. So resulting in longer lasting wood, for example oak beech and also Ash. Further more Ash doesn’t spark when it is burnt so we recommend it for open fires.

Hardwood logs for sale from us such as Oak, Ash and Beech are sold in large netted bags, bulk bags, tonne bags and pallet loads. Further information and prices can be viewed on our: Hardwood Logs for Sale page. 


Stove Firewood 

Both our softwood and hardwood are extremely well suited for stoves. Our wood has very low ash content as a result of being very dry which means no more emptying the ashes every five seconds. further more our wood also has a very low soot content which will keep the windows of your stove clearer for longer. Therefore wont clog up your stove or chimney which will reduce the chance of chimney fires. To read more on stove firewood and more please read our: Stove Firewood For Sale page.



Kindling provided by us have gone through a lengthy seasoning process. Therefore ensures our highest standards are met with moisture levels below 20%. For the full price list of our kindling for sale please visit our: Kindling for sale page.

Logs For Sale Kildare Bargains


Kildarelogs.ie provides a range of bundle deals and bulk buying giving discounts. Firstly providing everything you need for the months ahead to keep you warm always at arms reach. Secondly will also be saving money over those cold winter days and nights ahead. For more information on our bundle deals please visit our: Firewood Bargains page for all our promotion logs for sale on kildare logs .


Firewood shop

We have a fully integrated eCommerce site allowing our customers to easily buy and place orders with us. Further more can pay with credit card or debit card on our site safely (coming soon). Likewise you can also pay by COD. In other words cash on delivery. To see all our firewood for sale and kindling for sale along with our other products please visit our: Firewood Shop page.


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