Medium Crate – 1.2m³ – Kiln Dried



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Medium Crate – 1.2m³ – Kiln Dried Logs

Get top-quality kiln-dried firewood with our 1.2 cubic meter crate. Hand-stacked with your choice of Beech, Oak, Ash, Birch, or Hornbeam, each log is kiln-dried to under 20% moisture, ready for immediate use. Suitable for stove ranges, back boilers, BBQs, and pizza ovens. Choose your wood type and log length from our drop-down menu. Enjoy direct delivery to your doorstep in Kildare or Dublin, courtesy of our dedicated delivery team and trucks.
For more information on each wood type, please see the individual tabs below.

Mixed Hardwood

Why Choose Hornbeam?

Hornbeam is the go-to for long-lasting warmth. Known for its high heat output and burn longevity, it’s perfect for those cold winter nights. Its dense grain structure also ensures a clean burn, leaving behind minimal ash.

Why Choose Beech?

Beech wood is your choice for a consistent, hot burn. Known for its bright, lively flames and subtle aroma, it’s versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. Its high burning temperature makes it ideal for cooking pizzas, adding a touch of culinary elegance to your firewood selection.

Why Choose Oak?

Oak is the slow-burning, long-lasting option. Its dense nature allows for a slow burn time, making it ideal for long, relaxing evenings by the fire. While it offers a light flame, its rich, smoky aroma adds a rustic charm to your fireside experience.

Why Choose Ash?

Ash has long been the favourite firewood for heating Irish homes. It provides great heat with a medium burn duration and doesn’t spit, making it ideal for open fires. Its versatility and clean burn make it a popular choice for any occasion. Ash also adds an extra bright flame, perfect for glass-faced stoves.

Why Choose Birch?

Birch wood is not just a pretty face; its bark looks stunning when stacked next to the fire. Known for its bright flames and pleasant, slightly sweet aroma, Birch is easily lit for a quick, enjoyable fire.

Why Choose Mixed Hardwood?

Our mixed hardwood option offers a blend of Ash, Oak, and Hornbeam, providing a balanced heat output, easy lighting, and long-lasting burn. It’s the perfect all-rounder for those looking to experience the best of all worlds. This mix is especially beneficial for glass-faced stoves, where the Ash provides an extra bright flame.


  • Sustainably Sourced: Responsibly managed forests supply all our wood.
  • Optimal Moisture: Kiln-dried to approximately 16% moisture for immediate use.
  • Hand-Stacked: Each 1.2 cubic meter crate is carefully hand-stacked for quality.
  • Versatile: Perfect for heating or creating a cosy atmosphere.
  • Convenient: Delivered in a sturdy crate right to your doorstep.
  • Log To Fit All Stoves: Select from logs cut to 20cm for small stoves, 25cm for medium stoves, and 40cm for large stoves.

Additional information

Firewood Log Size

20cm long, 25cm long, 37cm long

Firewood Type

Ash, Birch, Oak, Ash and Oak, hornbeam, Oak, Ash and Hornbeam

Number of Crates

1 crate, 2 crates, 3 crates, 4 crates

2 reviews for Medium Crate – 1.2m³ – Kiln Dried

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent prompt and efficient service.

  2. Thomas

    Hard, dense and dry wood. Tightly packed into crate. Flexible delivery and great customer service from Perigrine. Highly recommended.

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