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2 Extra Large Kindling Bags
2 Extra Large Kindling Bags

This purchase is for two extra large bags of kindling. One Extra Large bag of kindling is double the size of a standard size kindling bag.

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Large bags of kindling. 4 bags of kindling for 15€
4 Extra Large Kindling Bags

Large bags of kindling Four large bags of Kindling offering great value at just 3.75. Each bag is packed with two and half times the amount found in normal kindling bags. Dry Kindling The kindling is dried to under 20% … Read More

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Large crate of Irish firewood
Two Large Hardwood Firewood Loads On Pallets – 1.5 Cubic Meters X 2

Hardwood logs packed in two 1.5 cubic meter pallets Large load of firewood comes in two 1.5 Cubic meter pallets of hardwood, 3 cubic meters in total. This way of receiving firewood is better than trailer loads in three main … Read More

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