Hardwood Logs are logs harvested from deciduous trees such as Ash, Beech and Oak. These three types of timber have high calorific values, meaning they produce a lot of energy per log. As a result of this you don’t need to fill your stove as often and more than likely find the stove will reach higher temperatures. All our firewood is dried to roughly 20% but may also be as low as around 16%.

How do we get to these levels in our climate you may ask? Well we have some fairly unique drying regime that are based mainly around airflow and getting heat into the logs to evaporate out the water. We do all this though through harnessing the power of nature. You can read more about this on our blog search for the power of Polytunnels for drying firewood.

Burning Hardwood Logs
Starting the fire should be done with some kindling to get the wood up to temperature fast. This is the key not just for a warm room but also keeping stove and chimney working as it should. Hardwood burns cleanly and hot so long as its dry. You will find your stove windows will stay cleaner for longer and when up to temperature will self-clean the windows.

Other benefits of dry seasoned hardwood are less polluting smoke along with less tar billed up. Great plus of dry hardwood firewood also is the fact that most of the log is turned into energy resulting in very little ash left behind. We have large amounts of hardwood logs for sale in stock and ready for delivery.
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