Bags of Kindling

We supply large amounts of kindling for sale to our local households & resellers. We also now supply kindling to the rest of Ireland by the pallet. The kindling bags come in two bag sizes standard small bag you find in the shops and our best value bag; this bag is two and half times bigger than a standard kindling bag. This extra-large kindling bag though doesn’t cost much more. The savings come in the automation of production of the larger bags with our new machinery. The bigger bag also reduces packaging which saves money but also the environment. Please note all local consumers, keep the bags and on your next delivery we will collect them and reuse them. This helps your pocket and the environment we all live in together.

Kindling For Sale

The kindling inside the bags

We produce all our kindling from round logs from manged forestry on rotation. Most of our kindling wood comes from our own forestry here in Calverstown Co.Kildare. We use softwood in the production of kindling for one main reason, this is because it is fast lighting and gets to high temperatures fast. Hence igniting the other fuels in the stove or open fire be it coal, turf, briquettes or firewood logs. This helps keep your stove healthy as the stove works best at higher temperatures as more of the burnable material combusts. Leaving less ash and less soot in your chimney and on your stove glass. View all our kindling for sale in kildare in both small amounts & large quantities and to the rest of Ireland by pallet loads.

Drying kindling sticks

3 meter long round logs of production of kindling for sale in Ireland

We have multiple steps in our processing of kindling, first of all we harvest the timber from our forestry and leave it stacked for over a year. The next step in the process is to cut the three-meter-long poles down to around 15cm chunks of wood. We do this with our firewood processor as its quick efficient and is able to keep each log cut to the same length with ease. We take these round logs to our kindling processing facility where they sit for another few months. When its their turn for processing our machine splits the kindling to size and loads it into the bags. We then take those bags and stack them on pallets ready for the final drying process.

Drying Kindling in polytunnels

The final stage of drying of all our firewood is in our polytunnels. During the summer they heat the firewood and kindling up to over 30 degrees Celsius. Added with a specially designed ventilation system dries all our firewood logs and kindling to kiln dried levels. As result we save on the cost of burning fuel such as diesel on our production costs and help to preserve our environment. Here at Kildare logs we are always pushing to find ways of harnessing nature to do the work for us. Always better to work with mother earth than against her.

All of our kindling for sale is below in the slider just use the arrows to navigate back and forth. To add the kindling bag or bags just press the bottom of the picture and it will display the add to basket button.