Three Large Bags Of Hardwood Firewood – 1.5 Cubic Meters X 3



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Hardwood logs packed in Three 1.5 cubic meter pallets

The large load of firewood comes in three 1.5 Cubic meter pallets of hardwood this is a full truckload, 4.5 cubic meters in total. This way of receiving firewood is better than trailer loads in three main ways.

Trailer loads Vs Pallet loads of logs

Large loads of firewood in Kildare are normal delivered in two main ways trailer loads and on pallets or also called bails or crates of firewood. logs that are packed on pallets are superior to other methods for main reasons but these are our three main reasons.

First of all, trailer loads of firewood can leave a mess in your driveway and requires moving and stacking. Where our loads are contained on pallets and can be moved around with a pallet truck so can be placed into your garage if possible.

Second of all quality is greatly improved due to storage trailer loads of firewood for sale typically are stored lose in sheds in large heaps of logs. This means they don’t get good air flow and can get moldy and not dry properly. Where as our pallet loads of hardwood firewood are already packed into their smaller amounts and up on pallets for air circulation.

The third reason is that as we have all our firewood pre-packed a year in advance. Hence, we can have multiple different types of hardwood in different lengths sorted and ready for sale. Whereas trailer loads it’s very difficult to keep many different logs stored loose in a shed.

Firewood types

Types of firewood packed inside are hardwood logs such as.


Oak long burning and high heat output but can be slow starting and a small flame.


Beech long-burning high heat and bright red flame great all-round timber. Due to its excellent burning and slow growth, it can be a little more expensive.


Ash another excellent all-rounder timber burns a little faster than Beech. Great in stoves and best hardwood to use in open fires as they don’t spit.

Silver Birch

Silver Birch is faster burning but makes up for it with its aesthetically pleasing logs and bright flame.

More information on types of hardwood.

If you are interested in reading more about each type of hardwood that would work best for you. Please feel free to text or ring us or visit our Firewood Logs page which will have more in-depth information on each type of firewood available.

Additional information

Firewood Log Size

25cm long, 30cm long, 40cm long

Firewood Type

Ash, Beech, Birch, Mixed Hardwood, Oak, Round Logs


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